Cast Of Characters

The Bagg LadyThe Bagg Lady Signature

I’ve had it!

“She is wild, outrageous and I’m a fan!” Stacy C. -Newark, NJ
“First of all I’ve never seen such a fancy bag lady much less heard of anyone that has so much common sense.” Annabelle W. – Montgomery, AL
“She’s one streetwise gal and tells it the way it is.” Oscar R. – Skokie, IL
“If she lives on the street, who does her wardrobe? ” Steve L. – San Francisco, CA

Madame LMadame L Signature

Light, Love & Liberation!

“Hilarious! Made me think about things I would not normally think about.” – Chris M. – Beaumont, TX
“She is eccentric and her insights are actually profound.” Shawna V. – Portland, OR
“I love her satirical, entertaining and enlightening style.” Gretchen D. – Frankfurt, Germany


Do The Best You Can!

“I just like this guy! He is real and he is giving the everyday person a say in what’s going on in the world in a fun way. George S. – Juno, AK
“It’s good to see that people in the US are starting to think about things that matter.” Pepe T. – Nice, France
“It takes a New Yorker to get out on Hollywood Blvd. and start talking about how crazy we are!” Jerry J. – Bronx, NY

Professor WienerschnitzelProfessor Wienerschnitzel Signature

The Big I

“It’s time for some bold reality! It’s true, we are so self centered!” Stacy C. – Cape Town, South Africa
“Freud and Einstein have nothing on this guy!” Jason D. – San Jose, CA
“If I had a professor like that I would have stayed in the classroom!” Dave M. – Los Angeles, CA
“He nails the problem and the symptoms.” Dr. G – Boulder City, NV