“Why do we need a campaign for sanity?” Please, that’s obvious!

March 15, 2016

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Drama Queen B launches her Campaign for Sanity!


Who is Drama Queen B?

DQB: I am a woman with a passion to inspire the human spirit. I have been on my own journey of self discovery, and have dedicated most of my life to breaking free from the archaic, robotic programming that has limited my human nature, my soul and my spirit. I have always used my gifts and abilities to be of service to projects that I felt contributed something positive, beyond pure profit. After years of contemplating on how to give back to our society, I have created Drama Queen B’s Campaign For Sanity.


Does the world need a Campaign for Sanity?

DQB: I feel our world has gone crazy and way out of balance. All I hear is people complaining, criticizing and blaming others, but doing nothing to contribute to the solution. I can no longer sit back and watch what is going on in our society, so I have created a fun, pop-style campaign to bring awareness to all ages that we are the problem and we are the solution to our many personal, social and planetary problems.


Can you tell us more about some of your characters?

DQB: As Drama Queen B, I will be spontaneously delivering multi-faceted perspectives through a variety of characters so that we can shed light on the absurdity of our beliefs and behaviors. My primary characters will be Advocates for Sanity, because I feel we are dealing with a subject that is very complex, and requires more than one perspective. So far I have four Advocates for Sanity, but I’m sure many more advocates will join us along the way!

The Bagg Lady: a wild, outrageous, streetwise ranter who had it all, lost it all, and has a lot to say to society.

Madame L: an eccentric, enlightening transformation advisor, who has an expertise in liberating the individual from their many personal, relationship and life issues.

Vinny: – a down to earth, fun loving guy, who feels that we could use more sanity in the world. He goes out on the street to give people a platform, so they can share their many different viewpoints and express themselves.

Professor Weinerschnitzel – a unique, disgruntled professor, who is an expert in human behavior. He has discovered the #1 socially transmitted disease on the planet Earth, and will be sharing it with the world.


When does the Campaign for Sanity start? And how can we support it?

DQB: You can now go to www.dramaqueenb.com, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube for information, previews and videos. We look forward to updating you on more videos and appearances throughout 2016.

I would appreciate you becoming a friend by joining our mailing list, so that we can update you on Drama Queen B’s new videos, and when the advocates or myself will be appearing on the campaign trail.


I heard you have a disclaimer?

DQB: Yes we do! We are not responsible for anyone who becomes liberated, enlightened, empowered or suddenly starts having a happier life.

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