June 17, 2016

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Through a variety of characters, Drama Queen B aims to expose the absurdity of our cultural dramas and inspire viewers to grow beyond the bizarre ideals prevalent in society today.

Hollywood, CA – In a world where megalomania is chic and cynics of society grow in number, it’s easy for one to wonder where today’s culture is headed. Character actor and comedian Drama Queen B refuses to offer complaints and criticism about life and society, preferring instead to expose the absurdity of human drama through comedy.

It’s no secret that laughter is great medicine. For many of us, the mystery behind some of life’s biggest challenges unravel in the moment we learn to laugh at ourselves. Popular comedians have known this for years and effectively use humor and satire to show audiences they are not alone in the craziness of life’s troubles. Drama Queen B takes this idea one step further by offering a rollicking perspective on our culture aimed at restoring the human spirit and inspiring social enlightenment.

In a hilariously disarming approach, Drama Queen B uses colorful, quirky characters to inspire a change in our perspective of the world. The riotous actor’s commentaries shed light on the counterproductive personal, social and planetary drama prevalent in our society today.

“I love to be spontaneous and have fun,” says Drama Queen B. “I have chosen to deliver my insights into the human drama through many faces, and simply allow the character that wishes to express itself and contribute its perspectives to flow freely through me.”

Drama Queen B’s Campaign for Sanity is having a positive impact on the lives of her viewers, and her fans agree! Her social media sites are growing rapidly and her videos are shared across dozens of streaming video sites.

There are few things funnier than the human condition and her spontaneous, satirical style certainly generates laughs. “Drama Queen B’s insightful humor not only receives laughs, but inspires and liberates the human spirit from the archaic patterns that have limited our great potential,” said the comedian during a recent interview. “The funny part about Drama Queen B’s name is that her motivation and content is the antithesis of the human drama.”

Drama Queen B’s “Campaign for Sanity” is a direct look into the world’s problems through the eyes of many wild, outrageous characters including a streetwise Bagg Lady, the eccentric Madame L, fun-loving Vinny, and Professor Weinerstnitzel, who believes he has discovered the #1 Socially Transmitted Disease on Planet Earth. Be assured, Drama Queen B’s characters are certainly worth watching.
Drama Queen B’s website is fun filled with a variety of entertaining, outside the box videos, music and absurdities from around the world. She uses her unique insight and revolutionary wit to look at just how absurd we have all become. She then uses her characters to enlighten, entertain and empower our society.

Visit Drama Queen B’s website at http://DramaQueenB.com.


About Drama Queen B:
Drama Queen B’s passion is to shed light on the absurdity of the human drama. Drama Queen B’s mission is to inspire the popularity of inner personal growth as the primary solution to our many human, social, leadership and planetary problems. Drama Queen B is coming out into society with a pop style, theatrical, mass media Campaign for Sanity that delivers multi-faceted perspectives through a variety of characters.

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